Sunday, May 1, 2016

Taco Bell Grilled Stuft Nacho

I thought that TacoBell is just a popular brand in US. But they are here in Manila. Last time I was at Gateway Cubao, Quezon City. So say Goodbye Nacho Problems. So the taste of the triangle were quite new to my taste. But it taste good as I imagine I'm in Mexico. 
The wrapped flour tortilla big delicious nacho with beef, nacho strips, sour cream, creamy jalapeno sauce wrapped in cheese and flour tortilla. Explode on my mouth in quest to taco delight perfection.  

Branch in Cubao, were quite good as you can see how they make the tacos. perfect for PBA or Cinema snacks. Party pack is ideal for take out pasalubong. I was impressed by the fast food restaurant ambiance and the service. The world class fast food chain brand pricing were just right.

So say goodbye to Nachos problems for only 109 pesos. The tortilla wrapped meal Yum Brands as it was the #1 Mexican fast food in the US with more than 5k location invades Manila. As they also operates KFC and Pizza Hut. You may visit Gateway and feel the triangular Mexican nacho explosion. 

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