Sunday, April 17, 2016

Batman Vs Superman MX4D Technology in Evia Cinema

Movie technology gone so far, before we had 3D. But the new MX4D technology via Evia Cinema. Brought our Hollywood movie experience to the next level. Fellow bloggers Krish, Millete, Ross and Me were terrified about the Batman and Superman building smell, tires, smoke, light and wind effects. Which feels were in the exact movie scene enjoying the best movie of the year. 

Rocking the chair back and fort. Smelling good smoke, water squirt effects as it splashed. And superhero fighting scene effect I can feel the Superman eye power. And batman kick-punch plus the speed of bat-mobile-air-machines. My seat is going crazy rock n roll. 

With rock-star smoke sound effect like Im in a main event concert. Effects and precision of movie movements were for real on my seat. It must be the effect, Im must be dreaming.. But I was not..Im awake glass in all eyes on big screen just uberrr enjoying the new MX4D. 

We toured around Cinema 1 MX4D with 80 seating capacity cost p450-500. Cinema 2 VIP seating dolby atmos 62 seats luxos chairs price 395-400. Cinema 3 and 4 Dolby Atmos both 168 seating capacity with a price ranges from 270-300 pesos.  Afterward we dine in and interview at TGI Friday's ground floor with Camille Villar and Mark Dantes executives of Evia Lifestyle Center.

Camille and Mark told us that before we experience it abroad. Now the MX4D is available in the country at Evia Cinema via Vista Malls. I like to watch great action, Marvel, DC and 007 collection on MX4D weeww!!

They will be having Civil War next couple of weeks. Which will run for 24 hours on its 1st weekend. Evia lifestyle center had a great commercial mall design. Like blue heavens, its worth it to travel as we came from Manila to Daang Hari Road, Las Pinas, Cavite in just an hour. Evia a visionary developing project spanning 600 hectares dreaming to its finest. 

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