Friday, February 19, 2016

Relax, Dine and Travel at Hot Air Balloon Week Fiesta

If your thinking about great travel stay-cation and dining.  See our adventure on where to go in Angeles City, Pampanga's best Dining and International Air Show? Travelling 2 hours comfortably from Metro Manila via Froehlich tour spacious celebrity like big tall van. We saw those magnificent men in their flying Balloon's and Air Machines in Clark, Pampanga. Wazzup Pilippinas, The Filipino Rambler, Indie Film and Commercial Director Peter Allan Mariano and Jing. In a media team 1DMC customized spoof Tshirt travel outfit. 
To be at the welcome dinner with the Hot Air Balloon Pilots at Hilltop country club. perform the usual favorite Lady Ballads, Top Gun, In the Navy and Macho Men Cool Songs by the Airforce man in uniforms. Also to celebrate Captain Roa's birthday. As we returned to our suites in Holiday Inn Hotel in Mimosa for a few hours of sleep. To see again the early morning sunrise opening at the the Airforce City. To witness the opening of  20th International Hot Air Baloon Fiesta.  

The opening were superb as Airforce bass band performed the deadly entertaining marches. As they performed Pop Hits like Uptown Punk and JLO the classic super-bass instruments the awesome Military version. Followed by the National Anthem, RC UFO flying, Skydiving carrying the Philippine Flag, PAF S211 highspped opener Jet and Airshow motorized Paragliders. Then Captain Joy Roa and Airforce General fueled fired up the first Hot Air Balloon to Take off.    
So dozens of balloons fly next, from various countries with great design. A night before we saw lots of SUV's prepared on the flying grounds. After we roamed around the place. See a lot of helicopter, airplane and aviation display/exhibits. They also have drift car show and skydivers from UK like the James Bond way. Wow this truly a great international action great stunts fun flying week to remember. I remember couple of years back a man that flies with big electric fan on its back. 

As our media blog team also does radio talk show and director who does lot of indie films-commercials. So, I just carried away to also do a lot of ready-set-cut-edit-repeat follow derek filming and interviews with the Pilots, Aviation Students, Military, Balloon Guest, Ms Aviation Queens and Restaurant Owners. As we relax, dine and travel at hot air balloon fiesta week. As Ross always remind them of the golden eat bulaga batibot pambansang blogger cheer Wazzup Pilipinas!.
A day before the opening we had Lunch at Downtown 1956 Cafe by Bale Datung Filipino Restaurant in Nepo Center Angeles City. With the famous Filipino chef Claude Tayag. Who also had been interviewed by the world renounced chef Anthony Bourdain as he visit the country in quest of great tasting food couple of years back. 

Claude talks a lot of food, we were with him talking lots of food story straight in 3 hours non stop. I think the chef were the scientist or historian of food. After we tried his signature dishes like the Birenghe Pizzafield, Pork Belly Confit and Talangka Rice, Ducks, Halo Halo, Talangka Rice with Crablets, Fruit Salad, Dutung Bagnet, Triangullo Spinach Tinapa Filled. He explains everything principles behind it, history even why...options..and how does it taste like to be or..     
After Chef Claude Pinoy creation we had a dinner a Sushi, Ramen Naruto Japanese style cuisine of Yufuin Japanese Restaurant. With manager Mitch Otsuru-Park lacated at 1st cor 2nd St, Balibago, Angeles City. A Mitch toured 
us to her restaurant facility even let us tries her Japanese beer called sake.  
Irashaimase! Also see its Curry, Ramen and Yakiniku sets upstairs. They also have men's entertainment KTV club called Juliana. 

Mitch explained that Japanese customers leave their sake bottles with name. So that when they returned they can drink it again. Same also with its comic book on shelves. Some of its readers borrow it and read it while dining the Japanese barefoot way on its various rooms.
After hotair opening our buffet lunch at Mequeni Holiday Inn Clark restaurant with Grace Viray and food Director Thelma Valdepenas. During interview Thelma told us that they have different chefs from all over the world. Who does exchange program so they can serve international fine cuisine. Its great to have buffet here to taste the difference of the world. From seafood to desserts its fantastic. 

Next that is Grace toured us on premiere hotels 7th floor rooftop in which we saw the country club great view of mimosa and the beauty of surrounding villas. Also the view of pool at ground looks so international.

Also its good to have wine and spirits at the rooftop because they also have restaurant there. To know that the hotel group also owned some extension single detached villas for family guest that want to avail. The villa type single house staycation.
Then early afternoon dinner at Koko Buri of Angeles, Pampanga. With the Restaurant Manager Dana Zamora. I think we went back to Korea after Europe, looking back to the Korean way of cooking its chicken signature dish. They have sizzling hot chicken, salads, fruit shakes, sizzling pork and Nagasake soup that will make you explode. Like in the tummy tastebuds hot world war. 

Last is Dana lets us try the Korean drink called Sujo for cheer and goodluck.  Before we went back to Manila with a smile on face. Thinking about those great Pinoy to Asian and International Cuisine and Hot Air International Show entertainment. Welcome to the one of the greatest show on earth. See you in next travel food movie adventures!!!

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