Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Goto Monster - Man Vs Food

Most of restaurants host its own eating contest. Some are hotdogs, pizza, balut, meats, burger, pie, noodle even rice meal. But for Goto Monster its Man Vs Food - a 45 minute challenge to eat all of that big bowl of goto. With all best toppings for 750 pesos entry fee if you win you'll get 1 year of goto supply for free, free tshirt and of course to be part of Goto Monster Hall of Fame.    

Goto also known as Congee or Rice porridge is a nourishing food for everyone. With usual Goto with egg, ginger and chicken or beef in the street market. But in Goto monster case, they used salted egg.  With a choice of Chicken Skin, Shitake mushroom, bagnet or trife. Which is quite different from the other lugaw restaurant or fastfood that delivers the signature taste of the creative owner. 
Ross invited us to explore this hidden fastfood gem in P Ocampo St cor Primo Rivera St, Vito Cruz in Makati City. While the Jean Hill served us her creation at the same time explains to us her graphic Philippine icons creation on walls. Like the politicians, celebrities and popular icons. Not the typical type of your usual Goto or Lugaw house. But the food served here for me has a quality of fine dining. 

Jean told us that most of people eat here were foreigners. Even local celebrities and politicians. Because they look for something different and something healthy to eat. Together with sports, food and lifestyle blog pals. We tried the spring rolls with the choices of bagnet, mongo bean sprouts, shitake mushroom and eggplant. The rolls were matched with 3 options sauce of choice like peanut sauce, chili oil and coriander.

The non air-conditioned mini res-tau on sidewalks street subdivision village. Reminds me of a unusual fast dining place to explore. As a travel street food fighter or ninja that fears no food. Speaking of unusual, they serve Dalandan Slush, Iced Salabat or Ginger and Pineapple Kalamansi Slush. Quite healthy pair options for goto, spring rolls or silog meals that they served.

Next are the tofu's with dilis, tokwa & talong. Both soft steamed and hard fried served taho cubes. Then the kakaibang or unsual desserts like homemade banana chocnut in popsicle, Bibingka on salted egg, champorado waffles topped with ice cream and pinipig. So ready set blog the unsual Goto street style food. That will showcase to the public its true talent in the kitchen.

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