Thursday, December 3, 2015

Filipino and Spanish Food Indulgence @ Quezon Buffet

If you would ask me whats the Best value for money when it comes to Filipino and Spanish restaurant buffet in the metro?  I would say its the Quezon restaurant located at the 3rd floor of Fisher Mall along Quezon Ave in Quezon City. (starting at 368P weekdays lunch, 468P for dinner and 568P for busy weekends/holidays) 

We visited this gastro place twice from its opening last month. You may experience the presense of the former Philippine President. As its associated with its name and most significant portrait photo of the Philippine history on walls. I can feel im dining inside Aguinaldo shrine or Malacanang because or the former President charisma spirit.   

Sometimes eating the best tasting food in town may feel honored, exciting or just extra special. Some may like art theme or sports theme dining ambiance. But for me Quezon is ideal for gala and special event. The presidential vintage car visuals on wall. With no 1 plate on its front carrying two Philippine dignitary flaglets. May feels like your in the presence legendary performance of the iconic Pinoy political historical tradition.

The people behind first concept buffet was the creative GGI or the Gruppo Guvarras Inc. It's vision came up with the idea of affordable high quality caliber dishes that would fit in every gastro plates. With an old world charmed rustic appeal twist. Reminding our younger generations of our earliest heroes as well as preserving our culture through local cuisines.  

Going back to its menu, if your trying to take a look at my plate above. It includes various meat roast dishes, pinoy dishes, salad, flavorful soup, seafood and dessert selections. Lechon Baka a savory meat serve with special sauce. Seafood lovers will appreciate the Shrimp dish called Gambas. A spanish dish married with salty, sweet and spicy concoction. 

Local Ilocano cuisine called Dinakdakan boiled with grilled pig parts such liver, face and ears with spicy taste. While the spanish paella mixture of seafood and vege served in typical flat pan. Where its traditionally cooked with homemade fresh broth.

Have a Presidential dessert as Salad with Pako whose popular in Baler, Aurora where President Quezon was born. And Turon with Langka as saging na saba wrapped with lumpai wrappers added langka syrup to make it a good tounge teaser. But if you like something like smooth sweet cake. Frozen Brazo sliced cake a combination of meringue and sweet custard sweet chewy feeling is a good option.  

So many food so little time, the romantic opening of the spanish and pinoy theme restau. Entertain us with local singers and radio personalities. Also  the Bday celebration of Corporate celebrity top 10 good looking Chef Kalel. Whose fav food was adobo, He envisioned historic vibes to elevate our local food cuisines. 

Quezon restau for all ages exudes a classy vibe with black and white tone interiors. Spacious facade, blend with cosmo classic woodwork and sparkling chandeliers.  The place can accommodate 200 pax with 30-35 pax for function room ideal for all types of occasion. You may give it a shot and feel the nationalistic affordable classy fine approach when it comes to dining.

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