Sunday, May 3, 2015

Treetop Adventure and Avengers Movie with Wrangler

Wrangler one of the iconic American Brand goes beyond fashion and adventure. The people behind this stylish clothing made the most exciting event of the summer. They visited before the Avengers museum in US, so they let us watch the special blocked screening at G4. Aside from great  fashion display the Glorietta grounds. Where friends and family can try various games-tricks.

Makes me remember the cool smooth talks  behind this Avengers answer to this lines before..Captain America - Who are you with out that Armor? A genius, playboy, billionaire, philanthropist Stark's replied. On Ultron Iron-man talking to another Avenger said he "I design, finance and create everything (great avengers HQ) and get orders from him (Capt). hahaha  

As they talked about the experience, I think I should include this on my next travel trip itinerary.  Before that, we pose first at treetop adventure booth. A cool alternative to relax-adventure-sport-travel fun in Subic and Baguio. Then roam around the exhibit place on how the expert delivered functional denim of limitless possibilities to explore. Over 100 years of brand innovation, Wrangler Philippines launch the VIP Card. 

They have more than 7000 member currently including me. As a user I gave the clothing brand a two thumbs up when it comes to style, quality and prestige. Because you look and feel good wearing the brand. Members can earn and use points for discounts double the value if its on your bday month. The style like timber creek, bike, forest, motorcycle and jungle theme. More than a cowboy. Makes the user feel as a true unique wanderer

My Fav World Champ f1 Race superstar Kimi was one of the endorser of this outdoor denim brand. Every piece including patches, zips, embroideries, pockets and fur trims were designed elegance. Aside from soft comfort of great modern image label. So you may feel the confidence and exclusivity beyond brand imagination. 

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