Sunday, April 26, 2015

Victoria Court World Theme V Party Festivale

The Victoria Court Festivale last April 18, 2015 at Pasig Branch were one of the coolest summer party. Together with Aubrey Miles, Troy Montero, DJ Petra Mahalimuyak, DJ Mars Miranda and FHM models like Alex Moreno and Grey Gomez. Food and drinks were overflowing (like Wine, Hard Drinks, Below Zero) as VC introduces its exciting fantasy of superstitious concept belief.   
Like the  Presidential Suites, Iron Man, 50 Shades and Bachelors Pad Etc. In which we played billiards, dares, lovers trivia and karaoke. Alex and some FHM models pose with me in Carpet feeling like Aladdin of a magical world.  Do you think I can be 007 or action star now? or maybe a villain in a bold sexy action film haha. 

Its only just a dream so I wake up. Enjoying the DJ Earthworm,  Paris, Steve Aoki, or David Guetta of the Philippines. With Pitbull or Calvin Beats, hows that sound? VC is so international love when it comes to theme and excitement

So Pinoy lovers in Paris would not get bored of the usual theme. Thinking out loud that I'm in the coolest party  in Miami, NYC, London, LA or Ibiza but physically in VC Pasig City, Philippines. Why not? The Presidential Suite, Moulin Rouge and Iron Man Suite is Here. 

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