Sunday, April 5, 2015

Top 3 Bucket List Destinations

Heres my Top 3 Bucket List Destinations, although I want go go everywhere. 

1. Arctic Circle - I want to do a husky safari, do ski - snowmobile ride and  experience overnight stays in  Igloo inside the Arctic Circle. Because I want to try something different. To feel how it feels like to live in fire and ice. @Transun will you please grant my wish to experience the #TransunLights To make me feel that the luckiest travel blog bastard on earth existence.

2. Euro Trail - I want to go to London, Monaco, Paris, Geneva, Barcelona but you can just take a train ride and stop over for a Day or Two to this coolest landmarks. And feel the crowed as well taste its lifestyles. Maybe watch premier football league, f1, wine or Swiss watch factory tours. To feel the spirit-chant of the coolest sport in Europe.

3. California - Dream of Californication and unforgettable California girls. Truly west coast Hollywood lifestyles. For the land of the free soil make me wonder to travel more. As we only live twice one for our-self's and for our unique dreams.

But whether Im in Rio, Ankor Wat, Macau or Abu Dhabi to feel Holywood and Coolest event excitement happening on earth. So Transun lets travel more shall we?   

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