Saturday, April 11, 2015

Sushi in Makati - Wasabi Warriors

I visited twice the Sushi house in Gramercy Kalayaan Ave Makati City - Wasabi Warriors. Near A Venue Mall and Buddha Bar Manila. Almost tried everything from the menu from Seared Salmon Nigiri, Ebi Fry, Fresh Salmon Maki Tuna Mayo Avocado, Panko Prawn, Fresh Inari Seaweed Salad, Gyoza, Miso Soup in Cup - (Like drinking coffee) California Maki, Chicken Teriyaki, Fresh Salmon, Chicken or Beef Teriyaki Rice meal with Beer or Bayani Brew Tea. 

Although it belongs to a fast-food category. I can say that the organic food taste like a fine dining. Quick and fast serve in minutes, the sushi Robot were quite fast. The restaurant Interior were unique as you may see Wasabi Warriors the kids like anime version.
The restaurant franchise were coming from Australia with branches in HK, UAE and now in Makati. The owner told me that they have 3 charities. If sushi were not sold for the day they give it to charity mostly kids. Inspired by its motto of eat good, do good, and feel good.  Aside from eating organic food your also helping she added.  

"Wasabi Warriors is driven by its mission to provide excellent products while honoring and showing a deep respect for the environment. Whether through single sourcing ingredients from local suppliers, to creating innovatively delicious meals, or providing better alternatives to the notoriously unhealthy fare from fast food chains and convenience stores, Wasabi Warriors offers diners the chance to live by three intertwined tenets: to Eat Good, to Do Good, and to Feel Good." - Kimmi Sue Dewar
The condiments were unique not your regular sushi house they use wasabi mix with mayo dip. It taste different and plain. But you may ask for pure wasabi for your sushi. The price is reasonable ranging from 50-250 pesos. A fair price for healthy organic food and sushi fanatics.

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