Saturday, March 7, 2015

Free Hotel and SkiTrip Geneva Switzerland and Festival Entrance Ibiza Spain

I won hotel Accommodation and St Moritz Ski Trip in Geneva, Switzerland (2 adult 2 kids) April 3-6,2015 and Ibiza, Spain HRH 2 Days Hotel and Entrance Only for (2 persons) May 13-20,2015 . Im Giving it Away, I cant come because no airfare included. 

(I cant afford from Philippines).…/ Let me know if you like, I let the organizer know or if your near in the Area 

So instead of letting it expire, ill just have to give it away. I missed those free training, coolest world events and hotel before in Bilbao, Spain, Monaco, Reno, NV, Bali and lots of contest winning before. Calling Airline Sponsor! hahah

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