Saturday, January 3, 2015

My Dream Adventure Tour in Paris to Madrid

My Dream Adventure Tour in Europe from Paris to Madrid for 15 days.  With Active Holiday Company from the Capital of Paris, France to Magnificent Madrid, Spain. To fall in love with Eiffel Tower after relaxing at Jardin du Luxembourg. 

Venture Renaissance gardens and medieval houses. Then visit the world country heritage Bordeaux to climb the 243 steps of St Michel Basilica's tower. Next would be a Spain de Bilbao ala 007 Hollywood bus tour. Then party at Madrid famous nightclubs after seeing the great architecture of  Picasso and Miro exhibitions

Traveling around the globe made easy by guided tours. When  you traveled in various part of the world no matter what activities you need to have a subject matter expert to guide you. Blogs, internet or print resources aren't enough. Even Military new to area's hired highly specialized locals or subject matter expert who gain experiences in order to complete a mission. 

I've tried both from a solo or group backpacker to a guided tour in Asia, Middle East Europe and Latin America. All I can say it does more convenience and relaxing if you traveled with the help of other travel professionals. Because you can't learn all from your travel fellow. Its like a class, you may leave it to the professionals aside from learning from fellow travelers. 

So the life changing unforgettable travel experience performance would become more exciting. Active Holiday Company is one of the self guided expert in this matter. Includes the award winning Exodus, Intrepid Travel as well as the prestigious London Marathon. So get ready with our  visa and docs for next adventour?


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