Saturday, January 31, 2015

Ayurveda Training Institute Philippines

Lets travel to India, Lets say the most popular Kerala med travel-tour. Ayurveda was one of the most popular alternative form of medicine. Using the magical power of faith, massage and herbal medicines.  

Im a science medicine believer but after hearing that Father Jacob Gnalin (Priest/Doctor) told us that they cure more than 5000 sick people by means of Ayurveda past years. That's something different form of natural healing. To cure sickness like Diabetes and Arthritis.  
Couple of weeks ago I was invited together with former President, Ayurveda Supporters, Congressman, Health Secretary and Health Celebrity at Sandhi Ayurveda Clinic, 613B – Lee Street  Mandaluyong City. Dr Jaime Tan former Philippines Health Secretary told a lot of good stories during the opening of the Ayurveda Training Institute Philippines. 
Also his experience in medical tourism travels. Some Swiss and Indian nationals. Were also present at the believes on the magical power of this alternative healing. If our leaders believes on this, It made me think that public should try. If medical science doesn't deliver its healing result.  

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