Thursday, December 11, 2014

Dream City 2030 Masdar Engage Blogging Contest

Travelling to various continents of the World makes me realize that ideal city varies from country to country. As well as regions were Religion and Political orientation affects its daily life transformation. 

As I observed when I traveled to Singapore, Macau and HK Oriental Chinese way is completely different from people in Arab countries like Abu Dhabi and Dubai or my Monks encounter in various Temples in Cambodia. 

But When I go further to Netherlands - Royal Dutch think differently. Up to Latin America Portuguese speaking country Brazil another difference. Its like tasting various food from different specialty restaurant. 

You can only judge by how you experience. So you can compare apples to apples which is which. Which is good, finer or ideal.

To to answer the question “Describe your city in 2030: what will occur due to changes in energy, transportation and water technologies, and how will they transform how you live?”

Being on net everyone can see the other part of the world in a snap of a finger. So I described my Masdar much loved 2030 dream city as extravagant, exciting,  advanced and most importantly safe to live.

When in comes to transportation, I want to live the faster bullet train than Japan or even Euro trail. I want the future cars of Dubai, Germany, Italia and Monaco is much faster than before. 

Airport/Seaport much busier and faster 24/7 more fleets, chopper, ships performing at its best from around the globe.

Energy is always green and more cost effective. Energy recycling is available in every household and in any street. Safe water to drink and use. Great buildings, architecture and arts. 

The view or excitement and living the stunning better quality of good life. Always a better city ideal venue for f1 championship, world cup, Expo, NBA, World business summit, tourist wonders even Olympic venue. 

Imagine that better quality of life as my Dream City is Defined. My entry for Masdar Engage Blogging Contest

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