Saturday, November 22, 2014

Halloween at Buddha Bar Manila

I visited this Bar twice, one of the finest Restau-Bar in the metro. I can rate this not as 5 star when it comes to hotel food but 7 star when it comes to structure, ambiance and  of course menu. Like the way I experienced those finest food/dining in Middle East, Asia, Europe and Latin America. So lets smile deep inside our gastro world foodie tour down to our soul imaginations.

Anyways, it does not only serve as artistic structure nor fill your fine taste bud. But it also creates a great event that will surely impressed your partner. Last month Halloween was filled with scared and extreme surprises to guest. They played bring me the Maleficent and Pinoy Henyo Games. 

Also Halloweens trivia to quizzes based on its props and decorations. A Hollywood themed props that will attacked your nerve as well as spirit.  The fine restaurant luxury of sophistication and culinary genius. Designed with 18 century balustrades, luxurious fabrics, golds, panels and opulent decor. 

This place will not only create a smile on your dates face but it can also be remembered as generous enough to give those finest Jaguar and Maserati car creations. Much better to those mall or niche brand promotions, So you know who's the better or finer boss? Visit the food mansion at Picar Place, Kalayaan Ave Makati City.     

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