Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Max Ninong and Ninang

Philippines is a Catholic country but so the usual Binyag, Baptism or Christening is the major celebration. So the Godfathers "Ninong" or Godmothers "Ninang" were part of family event. Even in other religion as well as wedding. Max restaurant support this Filipino traditional activity so last  month. 

They celebrate the foundation on the family which are the kids at SMX, SM Moa. It was good to see hundreds of kids and family celebrate family time. Where they make the hall like Disneyland in which the make shows, fun and art activities for the whole family. 

As an eldest of 6 siblings I used to remember playing with kids, my younger siblings couple of years ago. Making fun, watching kids stories together. As well as attending family events and playing with kids.So aside from Max corner bakery you can get 15% VIP discounts and gift from Ninong Max of your child Baptism or 7th Bday.

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