Thursday, August 29, 2013

My Dream Spa in Bali

I had a chance to venture different spa in Manila, Philippines. So far its relaxing the Best was in Crowne Plaza Galleria together with my Brother. Of course its better to have a spa inside a 5 star hotel chain.

But also its good to have buffet shabu-shabu jacuzzi on the the Japanese type in Wensha Spa, Quezon City. Feeling rush hour after our band of brothers action adventure mode with funny Jacky Chan and Chris Tucker mode. Not to mention the various treatment like ventosa, swedish and Thai. 

After too much work, stress and 007 action life. I think its good to relax and escape toxic life in the metro in a meantime. To rejuvenate life here and discover exotic life of the world of unexplored here.

Bali is such a great place for travel and im a fan of trip advisor awards. So, the Sudajiva Spa at SUDAMALA RESORT, Sanur - Bali was a perfect spot for me. As part of My dream Spa in Bali "5 Fact Why Bali is a Spa Haven" Bali is a great place for long lasting memory for foreign travelers. From its artistic painters, artist, dancers and welcoming neighborhood. 
Im sure the hidden charms of the worlds wonder rest here.Bali, Sanur one of the best opportunity for adventurers like me who crave for something different and special Balinese experience.

Take a look at Laura L comment from Perth Australia quite inviting huh? "A lovely boutique hotel. Nice spacious rooms; lovely big bathrooms and dressing areas. Brand new resort with an 'old world' feel. 

Quiet - perfect place to relax. Just a short, pleasant 10 minute walk to beach where there are a lot of nice restaurants, and a beautiful long shaded walk which goes for miles.Nice quiet pool area to relax around."

I did my bit, so please gave my soul Spavista to My Dream Spa in Bali..

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