Sunday, July 28, 2013

Discount Card Philippines

Discount Card in the Philippines is a big trend in terms of benefits and savings. Name it from malls, country clubs to hotels and restaurants. But with Enjoy Philippines its a different story of collecting all this discount benefits and put it into one card. Looking at more than 250 brands, 800 location all over the country. Is a good combination of mix membership cards, web and group buying sites discounts. 

Like in Philippines case you have a lot of government Id's that you don't use instead just for display bulky and pain in butt. Speaking of ID hype over convenience and mobility. Which one do you prefer? Unlike in US that 1 id is powerful enough to negotiate with transaction. I used this discount card 2years ago in many restaurants and 5 gyms all over the metro. See the power of 1 card in many stores?
Last couple of weeks they celebrated its midyear anniversary and give more than 200k worth or prizes to participants. Also I got new membership above with my name embossed. If you would total all the discounts and savings it would come up to almost 350k or more by just investing a 1995 VIP membership fee year round.
A good gift for you love ones? Reason to have many date options? Try their caramel beer and wines. See more event highlight here.
Last night was full of people at Rue Bourbon Makati. You may download the apps via android but its upcoming to apple application soon.

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