Saturday, June 16, 2012

I want, El Nido Resorts Escape

Browsing at blogs, videos and El Nido Resorts facebook fanpage. Reminds me of a great paradise found in the unexplored beauty of the Philippines. Made me think of the Leonardo di Carpio's hollywood movie "The Beach" and  David's Baywatch couple of years ago. On how they do the sea and paradise adventures.

Imagine the heart of nature, an urban jungle busy life escape. The marine life diving, adventure sports  like boating, snorkeling, diving, kayaking, spelunking, rappelling, hobie sailing, island hopping and gardening.  Inspires me that I want, El Nido Resorts Escape Adventure Palawan's rich in Natural beauty resources capital.
Now Why I like to win this Stay and Adventure Escape in Apulit Island Resort? Because of the great view of lost paradise like the TayTay Bay. I like to relax with massage cabana from cottage veranda to see the natures beauty, white sand and  blue-green fresh seas. To unwind maybe for a day or two from the city's busies activity.
Magnificent view, What a beautiful world? I wish I could bring the whole boating as well as my blogging battalion network here. And sailing aficionados to do extreme adventure for life. I badly need and I want, El Nido Resorts Escape!!!

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