Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Pinoy Big Brother House Visit and Support for Mrtyle

Photo by Carl
I had a chance to visit the Pinoy Big Brother House in front of ABS  CBN HQ in Quezon City. PBB is a reality TV show or I may consider as contest for a chance to became a next superstar. Not only to visit but also to support Mrtyle one of the housemates. We rally like Avenges last week in front of the PBB house to support this cosplay fanatic.
See more of this cute archer photo on her fanpage with 732 likes and 122 shares as of 12n today May 2, 2012. More magical photos to scroll and browse, some of them got more than thousand of likes and share. She is also an SK President an Illonggo public servant my fellow illongo since I hold SK office a decade ago. Also we made a youtube support for her. Hope she win the PBB 2012 teen edition!!


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