Thursday, November 4, 2010

I Like SEAIR Winter Trip Travel Adventure to Batanes

When i browse the History, Blogs, Pictures, Story, Map of Batanes i saw that it was on the North-most part of the Philippines. I saw tiny islands of the province which make me feel the adventure part like the presence Navy thing. I think about north poll, Alaska, north star, cool weather, virgin islands, exotic foods, unfamiliar places, green nature, wildlife and most of all clean environment. Since i stay i a metro feeling the forest and islands is quite good to explore. I can feel the great adventure and urban escape to this great island.

This borderline of the Philippines is our history and greatest territorial treasure that symbolizes how pretty the country is. With the use of SEAIR i can feel security of traveling here. Since I've encounter a lot of good interesting feedback's from fellow bloggers who've won the previous competition. And some people i know who travel regularly using Sea Air. My first impression of sea Air was safety, elegant, good service and peace of mind based on my friends actual experience who travel using sea air last month.

As i read data and blog about Batanes i can see that it has a great history and tradition. Which makes me feel more interest to blog and go to. Other famous travel blogger talks about Ivatan,  Batanes Islands,  Culture, History, Church and Old houses experience was so exciting. I was challenge to write this blog after i read those interesting story. Aspiring to multiply their experience and share it with others like my followers, family and social media. If you want to join this blog contest like them on facebook and please click here to put your blog link. Or you may visit for more info about Batanes, Philippine Travels and discount packages.

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