Sunday, October 31, 2010

"The Social Network" Nuffnang & PLDT Movie Screening

Last October 19, 2010 me Alvin, Amity and Peaches watched this great movie called "The Social Network". Thanks to Carlos for giving us extra tickets for special screening premiere. So the group really enjoy the movie because we can relate to the lifestyle of the Main Character. Until now its still on the buzz, word of mouth, when we met and on our social media status. Its almost 2weeks ago but we still love to talk about the movie over and over again.  This movie remind me of my college years a couple of years ago as i got my degree in Computer Science way-back 2005, what most exciting is Mark Zuckenburg founder of Facebook was just like my bacthmate or age-mate. 

The lesson i learned from this movie is that you need to be passionate on what you are doing. So that you can be called cool, unique, valuable, awesome in your niche you really need to try and work hard like the main character in this movie does. Since i blog about sports and can relate how a world or Olympic champion thinks and train to regain its world title. Same here, with this movie main character you may witness how passionate this trying geek do make billions without making a lot of enemies. I mean you sleep, you fight, you do a lot of risk and adventure to protect you own network.
Thanks to Team Nuffnang and PLDT My DSL for a well organize program, contest and exciting trivia questions which my friends in the blogosphere community won and very satisfied. Nuffnang understands the lifestyle of the bloggers this kind of event makes us feel important that nuffnang and PLDT cares for its users and customers. If you are not a nuffnang member yet you can sign for free on to  the Nuffnang Site and get exclusive invite like this. And experience try to experience the good fast connection , user friendly like PLDT my DSL.  If you haven't watch the movie yet its still have a time to enjoy like what we have experience before the world release it to the public. So its really good to be first in movie, invite and fast internet world connection for family, friends, passion, hobby and business.

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