Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Marriot Hotel World Class Fine Chef and Food

This prestigious hotel all over the world brings the best for its customers lifestyle. Located at the NAIA Terminal 3 this five star hotel was just near the heart of Makati Central Business District. And country Premiere Malls only 10 minute drive also with the Countries top Shopping destinations.

Located at
  • No. 10 Newport Boulevard,Newport City Complex, Pasay City Manila,  Philippines1309
  • Phone:  63 2 9889999 http://www.marriott.com

With elegant interior and design this popular hotel was just open last year here in the Philippines. Aside from business, casinos and luxurious shop inside and beside the hotel. I'm just feel craving with its creative food cook by experience Chef Miek Brammer a German national who've got the expertise to cook this delicious food. The tables, facilities was amazing and the sofa was cool. I just feel i'm sleeping when i slouch to a first class in a World Premiere International Airlines.


 Well a long story to tell how to cook this food. 
It looks good but it really taste better so visit the place na ok??
And read this cook/history food attack ritual book
Nice Chef Place but my Show was Finish Already
Your Late and its time for us to eat.
Just Kidding! Reality i'm late in the Show!!
 Guess what food is this??? Yummy visit http://www.marriott.com

Close up nga wow Sarap!
 Food Bloggers
Fine Taste
So Visit this place at second floor of the Hotel or you may log on to
for more food and dining info.

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