Saturday, October 16, 2010

Bounty Fresh Chicken

See this cool Chicken Alphabet from Bounty Fresh Chicken Embracing the healthy lifestyle for Filipinos. The freshest, multi awarded livestock company (Entreprenuer of the year) and fast growing Filipino company. Making sure that we all can eat the best fresh chicken fresh from clean poultry. See the Alphabet Chicken Slogan in Green.

Bounty Fresh  Chicken -  C - hoosing
                                            H -
                                                    I  -
ngredients for
                                                           C –
ooking &
                                                                K –
nowing the
                                                                      E –
ssentials in
                                                                             N -

See this great chicken like festival all made from bounty fresh chicken with expert Chef's Train @ Chef's Table and |Manage by Bruce Lim making sure we've got the best meal at this media event. 
Blogger and media enjoy the delicious chicken made from this prestigious restaurant located at the Heart of Bonifacio Global Area.

“From the day Bounty Fresh Foods was established in 1996, the company has always been committed in providing clean and fresh chicken and chicken-related products processed from its own state-of-the-art hatchery, broiler farms, and processing plants to make sure our standard of quality are meet at all times," 

“We would like to be known as a company that adheres to the highest standards of freshness and quality. We commit to offer healthy food choices and the best chicken products in the market. We make it as our humble contribution to nation-building by inspiring Filipino families to live a healthy lifestyle, by providing more jobs and business". Says Bounty Fresh Brand Maketing Group Head Particia Cheng.

This company do the best quality chicken for us in the service of the Filipino. The quality is very strict and the facility is in high standard so that we all fell secured. As a result of excellence and  great company system platform and best practices of Mr Tennyson G. Shen, CEO President of Bounty Fresh Food Inc. was awarded of 2010 Entrepreneur of the Year Award help at Makati Shangrila Hotel.

Detailed map and Driving |Directions of Bounty Fresh Chicken @ Chef's Table Event
Unit 106 The Infinity Tower 25th St. Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, Metro Manila 
The program was very lively, cool host, staff's, chef's, media games and exciting cooking demo. As some of the different knowledge on how to cook the chicken were presented. Bounty fresh fresh chicken were cooked and i'm imagining in Filipino daily famous food like tinola, adobo, sinigang, chicksilog,  inasal or grilled, fried chicken all cook in different style and taste and a lot more.

 Bounty Fresh Chicken With Noodle
 1st and 2nd floor were full for this Big Event
 Exciting Live Cooking Day
 Media and PR's
 Ice Tea on Table with Cherry and Tanglad
 Chicken Art
 With Cocumber
 Close Up..mmm yummy!!!
Entertainment Game.. Go Az!
 The highlight of the game is Azrael
  Chef Bruce Lim
                  Chef Bruce Lim at Chef's Table live Bounty Fresh Chicken Demo
 Corps of Chef's Ang Dami Super Busy
 Ingredients Yummy Me Savor
 The Food Carpenter
 Chopchopchop fast
 Meat on Chips
 Looks like Japanese Cuisine
 Guess What?
 Well Serve Clean
 Hotdog Chicken
 Which taste good? You need to try it, buy Bounty Fresh products!
 All of them Taste Good, Look Good and Taste Even Yummier
 I'm Full you're Next! Thanks Bounty Fresh and Chef's Table
 Wait Marami pa!
 For Business Meeting and All occasion
 All Around Bounty Fresh Chicken
 Fast Service - Fast Forward!
 Preparation of Bounty Fresh Chicken like Festival
 Media People and Bloggers
 Chicken log (Chicksilog) in Philippines Main Chicken Market Fast Growing
 Chicken Rice with Coconut
 Chicken Noodle
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