Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Winning Eating Contest Tips

(Here's my winning tip swallow and think you can as fast as lightning)
(Eating is like horse, car, motor racing or f1 run and accelerate fast never turn back or lean to your opponent which is time)
(If you think you can, you can, if you think you cannot then you're not)
(Winning contest is like a chess board or checker board or dama in tagalog you'll never know unless you enter and
the opposite to your success in winning is time, so the more you enter the more chance you become then you develop your maturity. You learn your lesson because you cannot fool yourself)
Happy Bday Jeff Siy
(Do your homework See winners like 7/11, Yoshinoya, World eating champions, you may notice some of them aren't big, they jump, they strategize, eat spices, some of them swallow don't chew, they have unusual behavior, unusual courage and they think that they dont fear no food..hahaha just kidding) How do i know? Im one of them. I won some eating contest like yoshinoya, burger ave and 7/11 but im not that big.
If your opponent are too big 3x as you are just think you are david and your fellow contestant are Goliath's or the food are goliath's and be prepare for action to reap the world!!!Good Foods!!!. That's the magic of mind setting, the art of thinking big beyond your wildest imaginations. Like in basketball think you are like Magsy Boggs 5',4" in heigth that you can steal the ball or slam in your face of Michael Jordan, Lebron James, Shaq or kobe's in your face again meeeennnnnnnN.

See this Bloggers Eating Contest on Youtube:

Then tell to yourself we are both human, we both breath, think, eat or do whatsoever, long...Like how pacman resiliently slaughter boastful bigger and tougher opponents to bring glory to country. and that's what you called the genuine wisdom and genuine talent.. hahahah stay cool and boastful Mayweather you're what happen to delahoya...
So join yearly 7/11 hotdog eating contest, yoshinoya, burger ave and a lot more. See posters and further notice to my blog. Sports lang tau..

So where do we belong? Let's go to the winner's place!

So, Whats d prize? For a 1, 2, 3, 5, 10, 15 minutes eating job?

Some have given free gc's and food. Some are big bucks like
1st prize 70,000 pesos yoshinoya contest way back 2008
PRIZES: (Tax-Free) 7/11 local(Philippines) Hotdog Eating Contest
1st Place: P 500000
2nd Place: P 150000
3rd Place: P 75000
IFOCE US$400000 in prize money in 2009.(International)

Search/Check for the records and bigger Prize in Google, Yahoo or Bing and be convince.
That this is a very tough job!!!

Please See this contest on going as of May 29, 2010

Ridiculous Challenge
Want a FREE Ridiculous Burger???

Take the Ridiculous Challenge and stand a chance to get the Ridiculous Burger for free. Yes, FREE! Just finish it in 5 minutes.

1. Order the Ridiculous Burger and inform the Cashier that you would like to take the Ridiculous Challenge.

2. You will have to pay the Ridiculous Burger first and wait until your order arrives.

3. The cashier will lead you to a table where you can take the challenge and she will give you your Ridiculous Burger together with the bell and timer.

4. Once the Ridiculous Burger is ready, the Cashier will set the timer to 5 minutes.

5. You have to finish everything, no vegetables or any left over in 5 minutes. Food that falls on the ground will lead you to disqualification. The Cashier will make sure that everything is eaten within the given time.

6. Ring the bell as soon as you get to finish the Ridiculous Burger. Food must be completely swallowed before ringing the bell.

7. If you get to finish the Ridiculous Burger in less than 5 minutes, then you get a full refund of the Ridiculous Burger. Your name and photo will be taken and will be posted in Burger Avenue. local contest world contest

Anu ung feeling ng ngbubusog at nanalo?
Eat and Win? R u hungry?

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