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Goldilocks for over 44 years (Birthday May 15, 1966) of excellence and passion in providing good food to the public. Earns a remarkable "Pagababago" Remarkable Success Milestone. As I visit their branch in 3 malls for past five years (SM Megamal, Robinsons Galleria, Starmall Edsa) and website.
 Robinsons Galleria Pic 
Pabalikbalik pa rin ako and sarap kasi ng poto (Philippine Native Asian Cuisine), rice at dinuguan
Mura lang to 49 pesos or 1 dollar only
Ops potol yong head, i dont want to disturb anybody kasi busy sa happy eating moment nila with goldilocks
Actually my works starts at 10pm and ended 7am way back my call center agent life i render 2 hours OT and study after waiting Robinsons Galeria to open at 10AM then have breakfast with my favorite and affordable Dinuguan. 

Here's the Web
For Philippines
 See this Cakes, They do also Order and Delivery.
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Friendly Pinoy, Affordable Price at Right!
Tikman na natin lahat, Nakakagutom naman?

I can say that this store is more than just a dream it make the Filipino people more productive and creative. Its long lasting success all over the Philippines got the success also in 1st world country like the US and Canada. It gives more jobs and revenue to the country. But before that happen it gives a unique taste that would make public come over and over again.
If they help charity, Gain Trust By Public, International Corporations and Big Companies Partnership and Make Philippine Proud, Boost our Economy, Creates More Jobs, So Shall we support them?
Feel the Rush Hour, Fast Service and Happy Pinoy Ambiance
To a Secured and Yummy Goldilocks Place
Goldilocks SM Megamall Branch

Pagbabago happen to my life is like Goldilocks wayback 2005 when im a fresh Grad of Colegio San Agustin Bacolod with the degree of Computer Science. I started to hunt/explore Job here in Manila i got fired with my previous call center job company because  i didn't do the job well. In short I was a lousy happy go lucky employee for a year. I do sleep at work, make terrible lates, i made a lot of excuses just to make an alibi to my boss, that make them angry. That was a nightmare to me that realize me a great lesson in life, which i will not go back again. So better satisfy your customer and boss like what Goldilocks does to its customer which are their boss and clients.
 Goldilocks Starmall Edsa Crossing Branch

Then, It came to my 2nd call center job that i took my job to seriously to the point that i carefully analyze, work hard, study hard and strategize. On how to be productive up to the last peso of company's asset and read a lot of business books and applied effective proven techniques. I make my costumer very happy i render a lot of overtime and maximize its resources. In short i make the habit of doing more that what i was paid for. So the boss always happy and the customer is extremely happy.
Photo Courtesy and Edited by my Reps Mark John Estalani and Angelito Tan

As a result of this Pagbabago i got doubled my salary and promoted to management level. I bought my very first car enjoy travel local, abroad, got luxurious perks, spiff and commission. Which i never got on my lousy employee relaxing favor demanding days. It made me realize that its better to give than to receive or better to render better service than to demand better benefits.

Now i can reflect to the story of Goldilocks called "Pagbabago" which means expansion, innovation and good better service. Because good company last longer and expand because they earn, establish customer trust and long lasting good relationship. If you do the job well and do the activity well it will bring back to you how many folds. Same with Goldilocks provide excellent food taste and service that's why they succeed for almost half a century. In-spite of Philippine Crisis, Tough International and local competitors, Martial law and Politics. I can say iba talaga and dating and Charisma of this products and good referral from very happy satisfied customers. I know and understand that the big change or pagbabago lies to every heart, work ethic, discipline, trust of every believer that you think you can make it.
 Nice Bread and Pastries on File Perfect Affordable Pasalubong Fiesta!!!
By hard-work, smart work, discipline, great service to your customer like what goldilocks does. It has a pleasing crew, good food, breads, Asian Cuisine and pastries, artistic yummy cakes and delicious meals with great taste like my favorite poto or rice and dinuguan. It does only creates legacy in the Philippines but in the whole world would become a dream fulfilled or trademark. A dream of a good affordable food, pastries and meal serve to every people would love. Like Walt Disney they dream to be the happiest place on earth. Like what happen to each branch here in the Philippines, in Canada and USA. I'm quite excited of this Philippine Achievement in-spite of Disaster and Crisis happen to our country. What country branch, milestone and remarkable story next?
Customize Artistic Cake Creation Good for Wedding, Family and Business Party Occasion.

Haay Sarap..Obos na? Kwento Pa? Anyways Solve, Bosog na ako! Next Time Goldilocks in Partner with Pagbabago!!
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