Friday, July 7, 2017

Malunggay Wonder Gulay - Atienza Naturale

A recent study shows that regular intake of Malunggay leaves or Moringa Oleifera. Reduced sugar level, prevent heart attack, stroke and other disease. Because its rich in Vitamin A and B complex, Iron, Calcium also the key nutrients that promote hair growth. The said wonder gulay is also consider as long tradition pampagana among Filipino cuisine.

Living in Metro where I'm are expose to pollution, colder nights, and crowded spaces can increase the the chances of catching flu. So Malungay wonder gulay by Atienza Naturale capsule everyday loaded with vitamins and minerals can help me stave off viruses and bacteria.
Each 500mg tablet contains pure and fresh malunggay leaves. Without picking leaves in the farms or by preparing dishes anytime-anywhere. So you can just instantly get the nutrients and minerals. To boost your body energy and protect yourself from daily harm elements.  

I am no doctor or health expert so to proved that Atienza Naturale - Wonder Gulay Capsule benefits result see testimonials of its users. Happy users that see the actual result while taking the supplement. Also coming from endorser itself health advocate Kim Atienza.

"I have a killer migraine that usually leaves me immobile for almost a day. My doctor prescribed to me Atienza Naturale Malunggay capsules daily in order to make blood flow through my whole body effortlessly. I can say that after I made the commitment to include this product in my diet daily, my migraine stopped. 

I am very happy with Atienza Naturale’s Malunggay capsules. It’s not only very affordable but the quality is really very much amazing!" - Lito Fuentes / 40 / businessman
“Malunggay has always been the staple of my diet and I used to take this even when I was still a child. Eventually I won as a Councilor in Manila and since I believed in the wonders of Malunggay even back then, together with my father -- ex-Manila Mayor Lito Atienza -- we produced and fed 4000 children in Manila daily in order to help them boost their immunity, get the proper amount of nutrients even if they only had a stringent amount of resources to live healthy. 

For 9 years straight, the children in every barangays were weighed and evaluated every week in order to see if our Malunggay truly helped them… true enough, the public school teachers informed us that our “Malunggay feeding program” truly made the kids stronger and healthier.. making them more productive and smarter. 

I am very much convinced that malunggay is indeed the best vegetable out there. We call it The Wonder Gulay because of all the valuable nutrients it has. I am recommending this to everyone, from babies to senior citizens, women and men. Atienza Naturale’s Malunggay Supplement is the best in the market today. So try it and you will see the difference." - Kuya Kim Atienza
"The Activated Carbon Soap was recommended to me by the girls at my neighborhood salon upon seeing my extremely dry and irritated facial skin. I explained that I was applying creams from my derma but they insisted I try Atienza Natural Soap anyway. 

And true enough, their Activated Carbon Soap soothed and calmed my skin. In fact, my skin felt better immediately after my initial use. You can't beat its affordable price too!" - Julia Morales, Lawyer

Nung nakaraang taon na mild stroke ako at napakaraming gamot ang aking iniinom na inireseta sa akin ng mga doctor para sa aking high blood. At ng minsang pinasubukan sa akin ng aking anak na uminom ng Atienza Naturale Malunggay Capsule ay gumaan ang aking katawan. 

Sa ngayon ay pinagpapatuloy ko pa rin ang pag-inom ng Atienza Naturale Malunggay Capsule sapagkat ito ang nakatulong sa akin para makarecover sa nangyari sa aking mild stroke." - Belen Dela Cruz / Senior Citizen
Having said heard that, I myself also take Atienza Naturale capsule herbal supplement. Because I believe in Malunggay as wonder gulay. As well as the company commitment and dedication natural environment friendly green products. I like to protect myself and my family. 

See videos and testimonials here the said wonder gulay and Atienza Naturale products can be shipped nationwide. Also available in Mercury Drugstore, Watson, Landmark and Rose Pharmacy nationwide.

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