Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Unipak Mackerel in Natural Oil - Harvesting the Bounty of the Sea

Mackerel Sweet and Sour recipe menu for the month of May 2017. Canned Seafood, Unipak imported Mackerel in Natural Oil Harvesting the bounty of the Sea #sardines #unipak #mackerel #can #seafood #PakNaPak

Slord Development Corporation has become more competitive in the Canned sardines industry. Since 1985 dozens of satisfied local and domestic companies trusted Slord with their packing requirement. Like Sallenas, Hakata and Mariko sardines variants. 

They also offer access to its highly qualified staff, modern processing and packaging facility, fresh materials from Asia and stringent quality control standards. That meets your commercial company new products-variants. Growing demands needs requirement with no capital investment. Not only limited to sardines but in any canned good food products will do.

Aside from Unipak oval can 215g and 425g sardines that comes in Tomato, Chili and Tausi sauce sardines. I also knew that they have Squid, Bangus, Tomato Sauce, Black Beans and Peas canned goods. So you may choose to cook it in various way. Like Sinigang, Omelet, Seat n Sour or kung ano yung trip mong lutuin.

I enjoyed much more of the Unipak Mackerel in Oil. The Spanish style in Natural Oil that diverse my craving of sardines. Pwede sya pang baon or instant meal. So do you think I will do a blog cooking post of menu dish experiment with these products later?  

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