Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Valentines Sail and Binondo Church Tour Via Zooper Cruise

Last Valentines, I sailed,  traveled and discovered again the beauty of Manila via Zooper Cruise. It was my second time to sail and I like it. We meet first is at Alveo in Circuit Makati before heading to Port of Valenzuela. Where I saw some great developments both residential and commercial blueprints. The area miniature were like BGC, I think its one of the best place to invest 

My Yupanco, Grace and the artist show off its painting at Alveo showroom. The paper painting which cost millions of peso. Shows the advocacy of Zoomanity which is recycle and reuse will be seen in Misono Makati restaurant later. Aside from Informational Cruise tour they have lots of surprises while we were inside the Love Boat. 

They have Valentines themed surprises like Games, Raffles, Trivia, Bring me, Couples Games and Romantic songs. Also we walked around and see the oldest and biggest Chinatown called Binondo. Visit the Santa Cruz Church and dined at Uno Chinese restaurants for dinner afterwards. And enjoy the Jade soup and local Chinatown's signature noodle chicken meal.

The reason why its perfect for Partners. Because you got the chance travel, dines, shopping, see the historical and religious place  of Manila. Like Intramuros, fort Santiago also your helping the Zoomanity mission or CSR conversation projects and rehabilitation program of Pasig River.   
Mr Bondad our Boat Captain discussed to us it dredging projects while we were on board. Around 2.8 million metric tonne of toxic waste in Pasig and Manila Bay. Clearing the river tourism edge backbone for travel transportation emerging trend. For you to enjoy the travel more you may your portable telescope with you.

A good advocacy theme education as we enjoy the Travel and Sea Sunset View. Ideal for advance Economic growth engine beneficial for both local and foreign travelers. Backyard tourism Malaca├▒ang park restricted for pictures as we passed by the house of Digong and the rest of cabinets rest house-office .

As we just passed to Various Ferry stations like Santa Ana. Historical, business facts were discussed by the Captain and Mr Yupanco the CEO himself. We traveled and passed by the Muslim, Catholic and Chinese heritage community. The travel guide experts discussed about Manila trading history. Local and foreign Boats entry they called Galleon at old  times that dock in Pasig River and Manila Bay. 

Play its big role in economic growth. Barter side Arroz stands for rice for Pinoy Products to Foreign Galleons when they bring it to Tanay area for preservation. Which is a cold area and summer capital. Historical boat travel Escolta , Manila, PUP, Malacanang, ManilaBay, Post Office, Church and Streets of Manila.

The said Valentines sail, Binondo travel, food and church tour via Zooper cruise.  Its more than just travelling of fulfilling your mind, soul and appetite for adventure. But it also caters to its 4 pillars of entertainments, education, environmental conservation and exhibit.

Yupangco Group of Companies more than 30 years of Managing Local and Foreign development Parks. Brings outs Manila Cruise travel into the next level. Watch out for its next Travel Itinerary, Cruise, Zoo, Farm and daily schedules facebook updates here. or contact them at 847-0413 / 899-9819 events@zoomanity.com.ph zoomanity.com.ph.  

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