Thursday, November 17, 2016

Dinner in the Dark and Zoobic Night Safari Trip

I just dined with the Blinds last week after Dark Zoobic Safari. It seems like I like to take home and breed Greyhounds/Horses fastest racing dog/horse animals in the Planet. And Tiger like Mike Tyson and Lewis Hamilton pets. After exotic animals parade and show #TAGmedia #ZoobicSafari Zoobic Dinner in the Dark Zoobic Safari, Subic Bay 

That's my shout out wall post in facebook last week. Dining with the blind makes me feel special. Knowing that my eyes were ok, a year ago when my Dr told me that i need to wear reading glass. I was pissed off and told her I was ok no need . But when she told me to read something in projector, I cant barely read. So I agreed to have back up reading glass in office. 

Makes me realize how difficult it is to live without eyes. I thought I can feel the batman or daredevil experience but it was not its really hard. So I develop my other senses likes trusting your guide and talking a lot. The founder of Zoomanity group were inspired about this program in Germany. 

So he opened his business to blind community that will host "Dinner in the Dark" series for the benefit of Eye Bank Foundation of the Philippines. It creates employment opportunity for the blinds aside from being a massage expert. Its sounds make me feel that I'm in retreat or recollection enjoying my daily sight. 

You may try this special dinner experience from 5-8pm including orientation on the ff. dates:  Nov 21 @ ​Midori Japanese Restaurant in Alabang, ​Nov 24 ​@ Metro Ruins in Metropolitan Makati, Nov 26​ @ Zoocobia Fun Zoo in Clark, Pampanga​, Dec 3​​ @ Zooper Cruise, Pasig River Cruise you may contact Zoomanity Group 02 889 9824 or 0915 890 4728
After the dinner we went wild with Zoobic Night Safari. As they introduced another unique form or style of animal attraction. They have horses, ducks, goats, tiger, cow, greyhound and lots of animal walk-run. They are walking and running in front of us like what you can see in the wilderness. It sounds and look like Walt Disney or Jungle Book but its for real. 

Before dinner we already visited animals on cage. I just realize that there was a Liger a cross breed between a lion and a tiger. We passed by him, and thought he was the lion king tiger. Never thought in can happen in animal they do these with fruit and plants. And it turns out to be ok and all I can say that technology and science today can move further.  

The entertainment that they performed were for real. The story goes like this, once upon a time there were an Engineer and Developer who tried to distract the forest. Then they were flood, so its the more concept of the show is about saving mother earth and nature advocacy. 

Good for family aside from Michael Jackson, Animal Parade, Fire-show, and Chainsmokers entertainment. Performed by dance group with glow in the dark costume. So you can expect an explosive presentation that will blow your mind away. Its more than just a Zoo, but the choreography, lighting and sounds of the show makes you feel your in Animal Musical Disneyland Show.

Aside from feeding the Tigers, Inside the cage car. Which I've experience 8 years ago during our company incentive outing. It seems good to be back to see and mingle with those strong tigers again. 

For inquiries about Zoobic Safari 
Location: Group I Ilanin Forest Subic Bay Freeport Zone, Philippines
Call them at 899 9595 or 0917 835 1111

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