Sunday, May 29, 2016

Happy Hour Drinking & Friday Buffet Session @ Richmonde Hotel Ortigas

After Summer International balloon flying in Lubao, I headed to relax at Richmonde Hotel Ortigas when I got back to Manila. They have fine suites, great music, soothing massage treatments, steam room, banquets, gym, band performances, fine drinks and ‪#‎FridaysatRichmondfood buffet selection. 

So if its payday and you like to have a yummy buffet with corporate friends. Or do a relaxing staycation to one of the best hotel in Pasig City. Richmonde is one of the best lifestyle option to explore. The location within the center of corporate destination and shopping in Ortigas. Giving the hotel the edge of advantage when it comes to elegance and comfort.

Danica and Annie were talking to me about its band line up. And cool things about its service and accommodation. At Richmonde Cafe Exchange Bar and Lobby Cafe while I enjoyed the beverage booze cocktails perfect with delicious beef salpicao pulutan mixed with garlic. 

That truly satisfied my taste-buds as the music continue. Kudos to Richmonde chef who does the yummy preparation. As the refreshing ventilation relax my skin. While the band performed while sports channels on flat-screen played. Im looking to watch the year f1 GP sometime. Because I find it as a good venue.

Also Wazzup Pilipinas invited me to try its Friday buffet and fine venue. Prior to eating and drinking when I arrived they have courteous staff that greet guest to have pleasant experience. So, you may try and  fill with delectable mains, appetizers, meat carving desserts and bottomless ice tea. 

Also get 50% on wine orders you may call Richmonde Otigas 632 638 7777 for reservation.  


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