Saturday, March 5, 2016

Mandala Park Culinary Heritage Market in Shaw Blvd Mandaluyong

Night or weekend market nowadays are everywhere. Mostly healthy food, lifestyle products even talent performance.  Last Feb 20, 2016 I dropped by at Mandala Park Culinary Weekend Market at 312 Shaw Blvd. Which is situated at the Back of S&R and Puregold Shaw Blvd, Mandaluyong City. I'ts looks like the same as those food or culinary tour tasting events in Malls, BGC, Metrowalk or Rockwell grounds.

The culinary heritage showcase various homegrown dishes. In which you may find different kind of food and products. Like Squid Pancit, Sapin Sapin, Shawarma, Beef, Cookies, Mexican Burritos, Pares, Longanissa, Booze, TShirts, Wallets, Meals, Snacks, Pasalubong, Ginger Ale, Coffee, Kamote or Kalamansi Juice even various organic rice variety or beer plus classic band, jazz, acoustic entertainment.

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Litton's & Co promotion of wellness and Culinary Heritage at Mandala Park. Were also the opportunity for small business or merchants to showcase its products and services. Another sustainable way to promote our local mom and pops store or start up products or food/beverages company. Home grown food and Filipino local dishes you can explore.
Weekends market creates urban dweller a good venue to unwind. Also to adopt green ideas. The landscape of city's 3.2 hectare enclave were a good place for wellness. In which community thrive on sustainable ideas. And architectural transformation in accordance with Litton's vision. Green cleansing that shows the promise of nature with the urban ecosystem.

Price were reasonable with relaxing music atmosphere. A good venue to hang out with in celebration of Pinoy culinary heritage. I drink couple of Bayani Brew healthy juice variant. And tried chicken, beef and pork taco as well. It taste good! Do take couple shot of booze and calamansi juice. You may visit the weekend culinary market as well sometime. 

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