Wednesday, January 13, 2016

My Top 10 Pick on Next 007 James Bond Actor

Since Dr No, I watched all of those 007 James Bond Film. So its really exciting to see that franchise evolves in my genes for the past 3 decades. That great creation of Ian Fleming action excitement creations. The uber action super fan likes share the thoughts that may convince those future double O directors and producers to choose from. Since Im spectre-culating, So here's my top 10 in any order.

1. Jason Statham - I really like this bad ass action figure. He is totally different even though he played as bad ass in fast and furious. But for me it seems he still appear as hero or part of the main characters. Added by Expendables, Crank and Transporter high octane driving, street fights and explosion scenes only bad ass can do.

2. Piers Morgan - He beat all those hollywood US celebrity in Apprentice in its home-country. Does cool luxury world travel show and controversial guns-celebrity topics talks. I think the controversial Media King can add value to the franchise.

3. Nicolas Cage - Gone in 60 seconds, Bad Lt, Ghost Rider and The Rock scenes will convince Bond crowed that Cage has the brain, humor and brawn. Great chitchat way or style similar previous bond's negotiate with M and Q.

4. Jacky Chan - He is really living the life of James Bond. The Chinese guy can do great stunt by himself. Proven for more than 3 decades. You may laugh and see lots of martial arts techniques.

5. Denzel Washington - Who would forget American Gangster and Training Day. The black guy is great in acting and complex heartbreaking drama acting performances.

6. Keanu Reeves - Speed, Ronin and John Wick will truly convince that action figure is alive over superstitious belief. The guy can be a Ninja, Police or Even a great Assassin. That will truly attack your action nerve.

7. Tom Cruise - Mission Impossible, Valkyrie and Top Gun what else can we ask for? He is one of the perfect figure of Bond mixed with fast action technology evolution and retaliation.

8. Chris Hemsworth - His role in f1 Rush, Thor - Avenger and The Huntsman will prove that the Aussie superhero heartthrob can be the next mysterious macho super spy James Bond.

9. David Beckham - The football superstar can attract almost 4 billions of football fan in the world.  Its celebrity sports figured - connection with spice girls singer/dancer wife and tattoo make him more famous to the public.

10. Vin Diesel or Me - Too good to be true for a true blooded fan. But seriously I like to be part if the film. If not on main characters, Even just a cast or sidekick of the great 007 film (or Fast n Furious maybe). Going back to Toretto - I like how he act in Boiler Room, The Pacifier, Private Ryan and Fast series. It was amazing!!!

So do you agree with my list?

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