Sunday, December 27, 2015

Edsa Shang Mall, Dome Cafe's All Day Meal Visit

Couple of years ago my first impression about Dome Cafe was just like a SBC, Starbucks or Coffee Bean Image. I remember when an English friend first invited me to dine at this Australian made restaurant cafe. Through years, I found out that dome was not just as coffee shop. Instead, it serves great fine dining inspired food selection from breakfast, lunch to dinner. 

Dome cafe all day classic menu makes my day comfortable with relaxing atmosphere ambiance. Not only that but also its interiors, painting on wall. overall restau architecture were classic, for me to be socially and Aussie culturally engaged - enjoying the tales of my tummy n sweat buds adventures. 

While dining with live music performance. The afternoon meal at Edsa Shangrila Mall ground floor. One of the fine shopping mall of global brands place in Mandaluyong City. Started with Juice, Tea, fruit shake from other blog mates.  

Then beef pasta with Angus beef bread were served with light tomato sauce. Followed by my favs which is the Grilled pockchop rice with tomato n lettuce. Next is the classic bangus rice with sitaw and lemon. Not your classic tapsilog meal but with yummy elegance twist. 

Im not sure if they have Michelin inspired chef. But the bangus and pork with rice le dome style version were served excellent according to my taste-buds texture, oil spices mixture savor and craving fresh inviting looks. Will satisfy our buds and gastro as well as nutrition facts. For its was a combination of citrus stoned fruit, local sitaw vege and pambansang bangus meat.

Perhaps its just me, who enjoyed the paradise on plate. Nor it is with dome as the most yummy plausible locale Pinoy like contenders meal served.  So enough with the heavy meals lets go to cheesecake and carrot cake dessert with artistic design on plate afterwards. Just tasted the milk, cake and sweetness that will evaluate its real effort and skills in the kitchen.

For Dome Cafe you may visit in Shang sometime - It's more than just a coffee..

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