Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Sosro Fruit Tea @ Blogapalooza 2015

Blogapalooza 2015 #responsiblemedia campaign was one of the annual bloggers event in which bloggers and businesses meet together. Since 2011 when it started, it goes bigger and bigger. Attracting more bloggers and businesses like more than 800 bloggers sign up last month. 

Congrats to DJ Vince and When in Manila Team one of the country's most respected blog with over 10 million monthly in impression. For making these advocacy and event happen. By gathering same passionate hobbyist on how it can help and promote brands as well as build businesses.

They also invited celebrities and speakers to speak anything interesting about blogging during the event like RJ Ledesma, Kian Kazemi, Mannix Pabalan, Valerie Tan and a lot more. To talk about advocacy and anything about adding value to your blog.
As I listened to various talks and drop by to various sponsors booth. One is the Sosro Fruit Tea booth. Out of curiosity I lined up to have caricature. Also tried its Apple and Guava flavored 500ml drink, during the whole day event. It taste good like chilled tea flavor. 

You can taste the apple-guava and tea combination with just right sweetness. It helps me chill while talking to my caricature artist. Of what style do I like for him to draw. I told him while chilling with Sosro Fruit Tea of a character that I wanted to be. 

Since Im an I like f1, Travelling and Spectre was showing next month. I told him to draw me in an f1 suit with a race background. Also he suggested Paris, I agree which is the called the Spa Francorchamps with 007 number and my JB of James Bond Statham Initial. Haha see that rockstar 80's blonde hair below? 

That moment makes me feel closer to the wildest dream of my life. To be a
sports, travel fanatic and action icon of superstitious belief. So I just chilled 
smile and feel relax with Sosro Fruit Tea. To release tention stress and enjoy 
life see then #chooseyourbottles like what I did.

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