Sunday, November 1, 2015

Perfect Margarita Bar Hoping in Makati

Its been quite a great vivid memory when you do bar hoping to the worlds best place. Seems like yesterday I was having a great drinking time at Yas Viceroy, Ipanema, Kowloon, Clarke Quay, Amsterdam, Copa Cobana and Siem Reap Pub Street. 

Enjoying great music as well as the best hangover for watching sport main event before and after live. Like the world cup and f1 season finale or just simply by traveling with friends and contest buddies. Toast to celebrate the sweetness, bitterness and living the good life.

Reminds me of how 007 orders and offers his fine taste for drink to himself and its ladies. Or how Pitbull do the beat of international love and ole ola world football sport anthem. But last month Octoberfest, I crawled to 2 of the best bar in Makati City, Philippines which is the Howzat Sports Bar. One of the best sports venue in the country. 

I watched several f1 live viewing here. All I can say is the props and visuals were give a smile for every sportsman face. The meat from AU, NZ and US served here is perfect when watching those biggest and grandest sporting event of our lifetime.

Next is the A'toda Madre Tequila Bar. Which reminds me of our very own local artist Parokya ni Edgar song. Was hit during my college years made me conscious of what margarita is all about.

As Chito do the rap of "More margaritas for my sweet seƱorita triple the tequila just to highten up the flava chuggin’ down on my J & B while checkin out the parts o’ my date’s anatomy" But during that night bar tenders from Howzat and A'toda Madre shows me how perfect margarita was made. 
Goin back to #yourperfectmargarita Bar Hoping Nigth I was able to taste and witnessed. On how  Casa Noble tequila and Cointreau were made-mixed-served. 2 of the most preferred ingredient by mixologist and bartenders.  Cointreau categorized as orange liquor best used to produce sweat light and tangy flavor for cocktail. 

While the Casa Noble one of the 3 organic tequila were produced since 1700's cooked in stove oven, fermented and distilled 3x. And stored in silver oak barrels from 364 days to 5 years. To create the best ever elegant tasting tequila. 

See the hashtag for mixing guides and you may do the perfect margarita mixology. Or your own unique menu experiment by yourself. mL mix varies depends on your taste. (you may put mint, cherry or orage on it).

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