Saturday, May 9, 2015

MayPac 2015 Boxing Insights at Sparks Guily's Quezon City

Last week's main event Fight of the Century between Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Jr at Sparks Sports Bar Guily's, Tomas Morato Quezon City. One of the best venue for sporting events, aside from one of the coolest bar in the metro. 

My insights before he fight is if Pacman can't knock down Money before 12th round. TMT wins, which really happened after less than an hour watching. Im a fan of both fighter same with my cheer to the Great Oscar. My Heart will go with Manny but my mind goes with Floyd.  I think the  2 judges score were just fair except for the 3rd judge was quite obvious. 

We learned that boxing is not about knock down and fancy punches or being aggressive. Its all about mind or how you play the game, precision, hit and don't get hit. Personally I don't like Floyd. But he is just really professional and outstanding boxer. I just admire the precision when he punch. No fancy jabs, the stance on guard defensive slick at all times. 
I like Manny personally as a fighter and aggressiveness dominance all over the 12th rounds. But boxing is not designed that way.  History is going to repeat itself how Holyfield beats Tyson, same thing Money beat Pacman. If Floyd won't run, slick or be aggressive I think he will loss the fight to Pacman. 

Which is most faster, aggressive and stronger. I don't like Floyd cover up or defensive standing while Manny was firing a lot of shots. You can never do that to Tyson for sure he will break your arm. Manny has the chance to knock him out during that moment but he stops. 

Stance wise Floyd is ahead. Im not a fan of fancy jabs, Money is ahead of that because of land timing. When Manny if off guard he is stealing points. Then hug clinch when he cant handle the exchange. In which that's one of the effective way to win.

For sure most of boxing fans really like TKO. But boxing is designed to be precise land punch not entertainment. A lot of Filipinos like rematch.. me too. But in this case we just need to accept defeat as gentleman. Manny maybe can play as defensive player the next rematch. Or do a lot of strategy not the one that we saw before specifically designed for the smart slick Floyd. 

Manny is a great fighter he is just outsmart at that moment by Floyd. He just realize it after the match which is too late.  He should change his tactics with no excuses afterwards. Hope that most of my countryman can handle the disappointment its just a boxing game. But Manny your still a hero. #‎Pacman‬‪#‎MayPac‬ #boxingmainevent#sparksguilys ‪#‎GoPacman‬ ‪#‎GoManny‬ ‪#‎MannyPacquiao ‬‪#‎MayweatherPacquiaoFight‬ ‪#‎OneForPacman‬ #barqc #sparksqc #sportsbar #TMT

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