Sunday, April 19, 2015

World Environment Day (WED) in Italy 2015 - Seven Billion Dreams

Right now around 7 billion people living on earth. So, we must be responsible on our every action. On how to preserve and protect our own mother earth. As a what I believe discipline begins at home. We are all resposible because we live here. So I think-did of some ways to save mother earth. Here's my 5 ways in any order the most common that we encounter everyday to protect our 7 billion dreams
* Recycle - Use paper or cycled products on daily needs. Think about the energy to consume before you print data in office. Use recycled toners, fuel, energy, water bottles even water that we used in washing clothes. To gardening even to flush the toilet.   

* Clean Up - Participate in clean up activities. Like seaside cleaning. Its not just look clean but its fun as well when done altogether. Together we are one, one love, for our mama to our mother earth. We can achieve more. Promote clean and green.

* Use and Patronize Environment Friendly Products - Like pens made of paper, light saving bulb. Using 100% recycled paper product or even new paper. Fuel efficient appliances and products. Look at the green indicator or instructions. Educate fellow to create a ripple effect.

* Plant a Tree - Not just tree but any plant that can convert carbon dioxide into oxygen. Make it a habit, just like what I did. A good family and friends bonding moments. Lets always protect where we came from. If others are quite greedy to cut trees. Then lets work together to preserve those natural resources.

* Car Pulling - Use bike or even walk if its near. Anyways its a good exercise to walk nearby. As much a possible commute. Or offer somebody in your office or community a joy ride. Educate fella on how to save by running at ideal gear or speed to save gas. Or even proper ways to put air on tires to save energy.

You can always add an addition. I'll give you 50 great examples here. But the 5 of what I have above is the most common ways to protect the environment.  The most common simple and practical we can work out on our daily life as a habit. A good awareness you may share to your family or friends.

Note that this is my entry to the 2015 WED blog contest visa-passport to Milan. The World Environment Day (WED) this coming June 5, 2015 in Milan, Italy was really quite exciting. This year WED themed "Seven Billion Dreams" in which about 7 billion people involve in the huge impact on planet. 

The answer is in our hands. Expo Milano 2015,  the said expo in will host the event from 1 May to 31st of Oct 2015. That will showcase more than 140 countries to show technology that offers a concrete answer to a certain need. They will welcome roughly 20 million visitors or delegates all over the world to its  1.1 million square metres exhibit area. Visit United Nation Environment Programme site for more info.

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