Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Fisher Farms Bangus

Bangus is known as one of the country National fish. Pinoy's love to cooked this fish in many ways. Fisher Farm Inc is making this Bangus more easier to cooked. Even preserved it to make it as an alternative to sausage, nuggets or even sisig the fish type.    

Last week at Marco Polo Ortigas, FFI one of the countries premiere class supplier of milk-fish introduced me to its various range of milk fish products. Together with some celebrities like Regine Tolentino, Foodies and countries leading Chef's. Think about what you did to a certain chicken, pork or beef.              


They did it to this Bangus fish. For instance the Rellenong Bangus was the main event fish highlight was made-packed in 800 grams, 1.1 kgs or 1.3kgs in size. Think about Lechon de Leche, Ham, Lamb  or Chicken healthier substitute your family or friends may feast this Holiday season.

If you are a certain health conscious or you want to practice healthy living this is one way to avoid those fatty meats. Like the case of my dad who had an arthritis from the time we enjoy those meats. He was looking for fish or other alternatives. So this must be a good all in one meal option.

Fisher Farms did it in Bangus, much easier to cook in various frozen selection. As well as accessible to your leading supermarkets nationwide even export abroad. They grow this Bangus in Pangasinan fish cages that resulted to much firmer and sweeter fish. 

Thinking about Super World renowned Chef like Ramsay, Bourdain or Puck for the Holiday? You may try experiment it in various FF Bangus frozen packs.   

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