Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Dusit Hotel DFit Gym and Boxing

Dusit Thani Hotel in Makati City Philippines was one of the best Hotel in the Country. I visit, dined and stayed in this 5 star hotel several times. But one afternoon after I finished my office in Makati. 

I went to this hotel gym doing exercise and treadmill. I can say that the ambiance is ok and facilities were excellent. Quite similar to Marco Polo in HK,  Rosedale in Kowloon, Discovery Suites in Ortigas, Hotel Elizabeth in SG. Which I enjoyed most on my last stay. They have world standards good for business travelers. Aside from swimming watching f1, ESPN and free wifi.

While doing boxing and sparring with this punching bag. I meet this Alex Collin Willats who seems to be a pro while doing the boxing rounds and foot work. So we chat i little bit boxing the rise and fall of every world champions. It seems that we got the same view as far as business in boxing is concerned. Boxing and other  sports business as usual

Sometimes no loyalty to its team or sport just as usual transfer with high offer. Even in f1 motorsports Alonso is rumored to drive somebody else car. Or Kimi, Hamilton even Button reshuffle not to mention the 100 million dollar espionage fine. 

Nor Jordan playing baseball, Wizards or leaving his team Lebron and peaks current career in Miami. Tattooed heavy pierced Rodman in wrestling etc.. 

After I just knew that he is the General Manager of Dusit Hotel Group. Told me as well about great hotels in Thailand and Opening of the 6 star hotel in India. Coz I asked him about the iconic hotels around the globe as well as 7 stars. While playing with his 5 year old kid whose in military costume uniform.

Unlike other CEO, Executives or GM whose active in sport I found also that they got the same thinking with Smart Executive. The focus in chosen field like Velasco if you won silver in Olympics you work hard to win gold in next, but in our case most became celebrities. He told me he is a Brit boxer but he admire 8 divisions Filipino World Champion Pacman.

Alex told same thing as Tyson's in career peak performance he is a really great heavy weight but after all the alcohol and entourage it losses focus and start losing and eventually got broke like Hatton even Iverson in Basketball I added. 

Anyways too much action sports politics, so let just enjoy the stay here in Dusit flavor of Thailand in Manila and in Asia ok?

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