Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Sweet Red Wine Videoke, Carlo Rossi

Last week we had, Sweet Red Wine Carlo Rossi Videoke at The Gallery, Richmonde Hotel in Eastwood. And guest what? We do the The Voice Hollywood type of selecting the winners. So prepare the Psy, JLO Goyte or Maroon 5 lyrics and dance choreo please?
As I discover the different kind of sweetness mixed with dinner buffet. Its just like juice baby! cheers! As we know occasions, weddings, career promotion, bday etc. So, lets toast so that we can celebrate the sweetness and bitterness of you married, love and career life ok? A good alternative to beer, alcohol, soda or iced tea.
                                             Its we-time-relax

So much for the gimmick and disco? “Getting together with family and friends or ‘we-time’ is equally important and can be just as relaxing.” says Von De Torres, Managing Director, Emperador Distillers. 

I like the taste of this wine compare to the regular one. I think this is both good for us even kids in moderation. Natural grapes from CA, USA. The first time I tasted this last year, last week and earlier. Well, it taste good! A matter of taste.

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