Tuesday, April 30, 2013

One Piece Film Z

We've watched this movie together with my sister and mother. Titled as One Piece Film Z on its premiere last Monday at SM MOA Cinema. Much exciting like my favorite youth movie Dragon Ball Z. This 12th piece filmed by Tatsuya Nagamine made a hit in Japan with $62m on its first 4 weeks. If you are fun of watching Military, Anime, Adventure and Action then this would suit your taste. 

See the action on Admiral Z, Dyna Stone, Marines, King Pirate and the rest of the funny crews. For you to weigh the good and bad in balance, as well as the power of will-determination. One of the biggest manga series with over 6 billion yen of earning on its first week in Japan alone. While watching and falling in line we saw a lots of cos-player imitating various movie characters.

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