Tuesday, December 11, 2012

BBQnator @ Wendy's

Souds like a terminator, aligator no its BBQnator at Wendy's. I ate this new menu from wendy's Greenblet 1 last week. As we know Wendy's got a good worldwide reputation in Burgers. I remember Regine's themesong commercial. That its the best time for Wendy's. Whoah i missed the 20's. 
This is the Baby BBQnator mostly for women or kids that eats a little. This son or baby BBQnator is price at 156 for ala carte and 198 for combo meal (fries and drink). Cheese, onion rings and meat were tasty.
But the super bosog size for heavy person like me. This price at 255 ala carte and 355pesos for combo meal. With fries and drink.
Tacos, beans and lettuce taste good, perfect for barkada or family eat bonding 
For big time satisfaction i mean heavy meal. Meat were quite big for hunger attack. Burger lovers this is a good option for you to explore. Try it out at your nearest Wendy's restaurant branch nationwide.
Wendy's Manager with the Online Strategist/Organizer Jonel Uy educates us how and why BBQnator. See the picture contest winner on twitter #bbqnator, @wendys @wendysph. So you see via instagram creative photos face off beyond camera or mobile phone resolution. 

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