Saturday, February 11, 2012

My Heinz Tomato Ketchup Experience

4 years ago my sister visit again the Philippines, and we ate lunch at KFC near NAIA Airport. Together with my father and Brother so long she enjoy different KFC branches in US as well. We order a bucket of chicken meal and of course i ate my favorite hot chicken full of Heinz dip. So Biadog's we got plates up! Touch down.
I organize my first blogging contest event 2 years ago @ Wendys Boni. Attended by more than 30 bloggers all with smile. Because we ate fries and burger full of yummy tomato Heinz.  We all got one thing in common we all like contest like this. And I organize a blog contest exclusive only for bloggers who like contest. To tell me about their winning story or winnings in their entire life. More than 50 bloggers and print journalist join ed my addicting contest.  Everybody's shared their story on their own blogs and live panel during our meet ups at Wendy's. Just to enjoy this passion while it never last a lot of business right now do venture contest.
 Wheres my Heinz?
I need Hotdog and Fries with Heinz for movie marathon
For transformers movie last year at Shangrila Edsa
 Even in my Office we ateYellow Cab with Heinz during b-day parties.
As well as regular cal lcenter midnight snack or commission blowout
 I even joined the KFC tower burger contest event by nomnomclub at KFC SM Megamall
And I won some GC's organized by Jon Uy 
Sometimes when I attend food blog event or eat at local restaurant. 
I noticed that this great food can't be more taste good with out tomato ketchup.
 Even coffee shops on breakfast enjoy this with wifi live upload telecast on social media
 Healthy Asparagus crunnnchyy
 Vege life at my Culinary Schooling in Enderun College
 Figaro Meals Wheres my Heinz?
 "Bring me to Korean Grill" Bono yaki, Wheres my Heinz?
 Edsa Shangrila Buffet
Carol's Texan 5, me nombre Mexicano delight amigo
Salmon ..I always imagine food with our Heinz?
2 weeks ago Jhong my officemate travel buddy complain of 3 day 
Chinese food meals in HK and Macau, China. But i told him I enjoy it..
So we roamed around beside Ramada Hotel Kowloon and at last we saw KFC
So I handed him 2 sachet of Heinz to neutralize his taste bud
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Mr Heinz, What would I do to my meal taste-tales without you?

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