Friday, December 23, 2011

I Wanna Win Blackberry Phone This Christmas

Something Special
Since the name of this blog is travel food movie. Let me define this wanderer on its tummy, happy feet and cyclops adventures. No doubt that i like world traveling, food tripping and movie marathon till my eyes bleed- just kiding. Discovering-Exaggerating the untold Story of Asia such as Church in Macao,  SG gp partyparty after f1 send off victorious remarkable racing experience. Work ethic and passion like for outer space in Hongkong. Hospitality and strong family bonded of Happy Pinoys.

Food adventures From Kimchi's spicy me savor to Peking duck mouthwatering scent. And a buzzer beater our very own pinoy Adobo and Sinigang sarap. To westhern pan amerikano, ittaliano pizza amigo to wanton asian cuisine noodle for long life. Its amazing to experience this while you watching hollywood or opm films with your love ones either 007, true story or tech Facebook-Social Network!

To support this passion, I Wanna Win Blackberry Phone This Christmas because i lost my phone 5x in history. And this are hi-tech new phones I was thinking if its a coincidence or a plan? That the world doesn't want me to use apple, robot or korean popular brand. Since i never had a chance to use this phone for more than a week. Maybe its now time to for me to feel something special this Christmas! What you think?

I hope this something special will come along the way.  Because its painful to lost your phone especially stolen. You can't sleep you lost all your contacts and plan in calendar or events. Especially notes and vital financial information. Sometimes you keep on thinking about it, you can't sleep or focus on your work.

But along the way if door closes sometimes window opens, for those who dream and patiently wait. I think God has something for me that i need to wait.  As test of adversity same as old golden sayings True Loves  Wait. Something special which may be this blackberry smart classy phone.

So weather I do a lot of agile activities like closing a CEO or f500 business deal, racing, golf and iron-man sports challenge. I know that this blackberry is my hope for this wow-exciting awesome insanity.

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