Wednesday, September 1, 2010

"Why Travel?

The Answer is Why not? Because traveling is such a relaxing and rewarding activity for each one of us. Philippine Travels make me feel so complete after a days job.Travelling makes my life complete and reason for us to exist. Who doesn't like to explore the beauty of the Philippines and the World anyway? Good thing that with the guide and story of cool adventure travel blogger Lets Go Sago. I've seen some of  the great beauty of the Philippines never been explored that i desired to go into the next couple of days on my time-line travelogue.

Please See Some of My Philippines Travel and Adventure Sports Escapades 
Lets Walk In Talisay City, Negros Occidental
Place near the
(Bacolod Masskara Festival)
Lots of Coconuts, Chicken Inasal and Sugarcane
Bagiou City Summer Tourism Capital of the Philippines
Philippine Nice Religious Structure
Philippine Horse "Cowboy Life" Ride @ Mines View Mountain of  Baguio
Overlooking the Philippine Wonder Banaue Rice Terraces 
Overview of  Great Benguet Landscape Gardens
Philippine Great Mountains and Forest
Cool Adventure and Eco Trekking Here
Lets Explore Philippine Mountains
Like Heaven Butterfly Gardens
Pretty Filipina Flowers
Philippine Great Seas and Adventure Sports
Gogogo Kayak Race 
 Forever Young Friends @ Enchanted Kingdom
for Family and Friends
Company Adventure Race and Tug of War!
Laiya Coco Grove Batangas
With Friends after Heavy Work Load Lets Unwind!!
Ideal for Family, Company TeamBuilding and Corporate Events
Lets Travel, Plant Trees and Protect Mother Earth
In Metro Manila and All over the Philippines
Protect and Preserve our Sanctuary

Well then i said to myself when i explore some exotic place. What a wonderful Philippines? Like the famous Song What a Wonderful World! I see skies are blue ..naks.. b.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l... i don't want to finish the song so emo just finish it on my mind when i reflect on my travel ok?...i just want to experience traveling with a cool guide of exciting storyteller Sago (

So when i get stress out or wanted to relax i think where's the next spot? Where in the Philippines The Fiesta, the adventure, the cool event, the sports contest, action adventure non stop trill? Oh what a life!! Get ready for the next adventure Travel-holic and Backpackers!!

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